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Only half an hour left to get a goldmine ticket for this week's draw and to be submitted into the Bonus Christmas Draw which will be drawn on Saturday.

Good luck everybody


Yoou have an hour left to get a ticket for this week's Goldmine Lotto draw.

The jackpot is at £3,450. 

Good Luck Everyone

Goldmine Lotto

This week's Goldmine Lotto runners up were;

C McInnes (online)
A Cation (online)
K Hutchison (Jamies Bar)

Only half an hour to get your ticket for this week's goldmine lotto if you want to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot, which is sitting at £3,350!!

Only £1 per entry. Good luck

You have just over an hour to get an online Goldmine Lotto ticket for this week's draw. The Jackpot is currently sitting at £3,200.

Good Luck Everybody